The Copper Canyon 1512 is MASSIVE!

These spacious tents allow luxury camping for the whole family. Vertical walls maximise the space afforded inside and are great with young children as you can place a cot next to the wall.

Many of the Copper Canyon series tents include a power adaptor which allow you to plug the tent straight into the outlet! This is a much safer way of getting power into your tent as there’s no need for extension cables on the ground which could get wet, be tripped over or have children play with.

The Canyon range of tents are ideal for extended stays at campsites due to the time they take to erect and pack. For campers expecting to move site more frequently we recommend you seriously consider a dome tent such as the Eureka Sunrise or Eureka Tetragon.

Copper Canyon – Head to Head

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TentWeightSleepsRoomsHeightFloor SizeAreaPower PortPriceReviews
Copper Canyon 418 lbs 10 oz417'8' x 8'64 sq ftYes$182.86
Copper Canyon 5 + Screen Room35 lbs 6 oz527'16' x 10'80 + 80 sq ftYes
Copper Canyon 161036 lbs 3 oz617'16' x 10'160 sq ftYes
Copper Canyon 623 lbs 2 oz617'10' x 10'100 sq ftYes$218.49
Copper Canyon 1026lbs. 8oz.617'10' x 10'100 sq ftNo
Copper Canyon 131239lbs. 9oz.817' 3"13' x 12'156 sq ftNo
Copper Canyon 834 lbs 2 oz817'13' x 10'130 sq ftYes$350.89
Copper Canyon 1238 lbs 12 oz1217'14' x 12'168 sq ftYes$320.08
Copper Canyon 151239lbs. 8oz.1217' 4"15'x12'180 sq ftNo



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