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What is an Eureka Tetragon Tent?

The Eureka Tetragon range of tents are ideal for car based campers who value ease of setting up and packing up their campsite.

Eureka Tetragon tents provide excellent weather protection with a double-coated StormShield polyester fly and a polyester bathtub floor which protects from splashes and standing water up to 6 inches off the ground. They also offer fantastic ventilation which is ideal for camping in the warmer months.

Being a dome shaped tent they make great use of the available space, with the Eureka Tetragon 1210 and the Eureka Tetragon 1610 models being tall enough for most people to stand up inside which makes getting dressed and caring for a young child much easier.

Eureka Tetragon Tents Head to Head

Click on the tent names in the table below for detailed information on each tent

TentSleepsSizeHeightRoomsAreaGear LoftWeightPriceReviews
Eureka Tetragon 52 person7' x 5'4'135 sq ftNo5lbs 13oz
Eureka Tetragon 73 person7' x 7'4' 4"149 sq ftYes6lbs 10oz
Eureka Tetragon 84 person8'6" x 7'5"5'164 sq ftYes8lbs 6oz
Eureka Tetragon 95 person9' x 9'6'181 sq ftYes11lbs 10oz
Eureka Tetragon 12108 person12' x 10'6'5"2120 sq ftYes17lbs 11oz
Eureka Tetragon 16109 person16' x 10'6'4"3140 sq ftYes18lbs 7oz

Similar Tents

There are two families of tents similar to the Eureka Tetragon available from Eureka.
The Eureka Suite which are ideal for campers over 6′ tall, and the Eureka Sunrise which is a premium tent at a premium price.



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